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Las Cruces, New Mexico


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A new feature has been added to services the club provides. Recently the club has run a special event station each year in connection with the Bataan Death March races. This added feature will enable club members to participate in this event from their home station by placing their log entries on the cloud (in cloudlog) for ease of QSLing.  WB4AEJ, Fred, has installed cloudlog here. For practice (and other purposes) it can be reached here. (Cloudlog). For more information about how it is intended to be used and on how to sign up for its use, see the information here.







There is a page here which describes the organization and size of this web site

There undoubtedly will be some errors and room for many useful suggestions for additions and changes. These comments and suggestions are very welcome. Send them to any board member or K5XY. Even small typographical error reports are welcome.