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Las Cruces, New Mexico



About the club (more information including street address, map, membership application)

 Here is a club membership handbook with much more club information

Major Divisions of the web site

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There is available a club roster. It is especially valuable because it contains an alphabetical listing of names and of calls of club members, thus you can easily look up infomation on club members. It is in the form of a pdf file that is e-mailed on a periodotic basis only to MVRC members.

The By-Laws of the club are available here. (Use your return button to return here.)

There is a page here which describes the organization and size of this web site

 E-Mail System     The club has a very sophisticated, but not complicated, e-mail system, E-mail to all club members can be sent to main@mvrc-n5bl.groups.io. A complete operating manuel (35 pages) for the system can be obtained here and for an updated version, visit here. (But you can simply send e-mails to all members using the above address.)

There will undoubtedly be some errors and room for many useful suggestions for additions and changes. These comments and suggestions are very welcome. Send them to any board member or K5XY. Even small typographical error reports are welcome.