Web Site Description

This site is mostly maintained by K5XY with some help with the calendar and some of the other major divisions. Some effort is made to keep everything organized. There are two major components. This one (with the navigation on the left) and another one dealing mostly with the Local Oscillator and related materials. This other part of the site can be reached through the Local Oscillator division here or at the connected URL http://mvrc.qzxservices.com.

The site is pretty useful. The two parts contain over 1000 files and over 300 MB of content (much of which is of an archival nature). The site received over 100 visits last month including places as far away as Africa and Asia The average time on the site was over 2 minutes.

In designing the site special attention has been given to the selection of keywords to make the site easy to find on the indexing services. The pages are designed to load rapidly. The form factor has been chosen to be friendly to modern mobile devices