The Dona Ana County Office of Emergency Management needs the help of amateur radio operators during emergencies requiring communications assistance.

MVRC Resources

We have 30 amateurs registered with the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).

Many have equipment for fixed, mobile and portable operation. Many have battery backup power.

MVRC operates and maintains the 146.64 and 448.20 repeaters on Twin Peaks in space provided by Dona Ana County. The county has incorporated the antenna for the 146.64 repeater into the county’s community antenna system. Our repeater has broader coverage as a result.

MVRC maintains and operates the 146.76 repeater on Caballo Mtn. The county has erected a new 120.foot tower and community antenna system at Caballo.

OEM used the MVRC clubhouse as an alternate EOC during the Hazardous Cargo Flow Study May 16.- 17, 1999. The clubhouse can be activated at any time for an emergency. The clubhouse has HF, VHF and UHF capability and an emergency power generator for charging batteries.

County Resources

The Mesilla Valley Radio Club (MVRC) has assisted OEM over the years in maintaining the radios and antennas associated with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and mobile command post trailer.

The EOC is located in the Health Building at Spruce and Solano. The radios are in a room shared with the MVRDA (911) backup consoles. A tower is in place. HF, VHF and UHF antennas and coax cables have been installed.

The county’s mobile command post trailer is stored at the County Health Building. Dave Hassall, WA5DJJ has built a complete amateur radio station into the trailer. Other agencies that have mobile command posts are Las Cruces Police Department, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office and NMSU Police Department.

Callout Procedures

Possibly the most likely cause of a communications emergency would be widespread power outage or telephone outage, followed by overloading of cell phone networks. Try to find out the area affected. See if you have dial tone. Check your cell phone for availability of service. If it appears that there is a widespread outage, call the net and try to find out the extent.

Members are urged to monitor the 146.64 repeater during the day. In case the 146.64 repeater is not operational, try to establish communications using 146.64 simplex and then 146.55 simplex. All members are urged to obtain a weather radio with alarm capability. The Emergency Alert System can use the NOAA facility.


Amateur Communications Procedures:

Participating in a Net

Communications should normally be limited to contact with Net Control (or their relay station), but Net Control will authorize direct communications among members of the net when so requested. Control of the net may also be re...assigned "on the fly" at the discretion of Net Control.

Informal traffic (between amateur operators) should be limited to communications problems and personal information. It should not disclose client information, including location, without client approval.

Identify yourself when making a call. Remember that net control may assign you a net identifier (e.g., Base, Team 1, Fire Station 12, etc.) in addition to your amateur call. Amateur identification requirements still apply.

All mission traffic should be originated by the client personnel, usually the Incident Commander, and should be directed to a specific person on the client team ... not the other operator. Remember to identify the originator of the message and the individual it is to be delivered to (addressee).

When you are asked a question, make sure the calling station knows whether you need to clear the link (allowing other traffic) and go get the answer, or if you intend to hold the link while you find out. A common way to do this is to say either, "PLEASE STAND BY," to hold the net or "OUT" or "CLEAR" if you need more time to get the information.

Breaking into ongoing communications should be limited to those cases when priority calls or traffic have a clear and overriding priority over the communications in process. Breaking may be best accomplished simply by saying, BREAK WA5XYX. If the net is using a repeater with a squelch tail and a beep, the obvious time to break is just ahead of the beep. On simplex or on the HF bands, it may be necessary to break in on top of existing traffic, hoping that the listening station will pick you up at the end of the current transmission. If a breaking station joins your conversation or traffic, it is important that you assume the breaker has priority traffic and act accordingly. If you don't feel that the new traffic warranted breaking in, save it until the de...briefing and don't argue about it during the mission.

Use phonetics whenever there is need for clarity or when conditions warrant it. Amateurs use the International Telecommunications Union phonetic alphabet







Critical Incident Management

Critical Incident Management is concerned with the actions that should be taken by the first responsible person who discovers or responds to an incident.

Categories of Critical Incidents

Natural Disasters

Transportation Accidents

Criminal Activities

Hazardous Materials (hazmat) / Fires

Terrorist Activities and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Specific Actions to be Taken by Officer/Supervisor

Establish Communications and Command

Identify Kill/Danger Zone

Establish Inner Perimeter

Establish Outer Perimeter

Establish a Scene Command Post

Establish Staging Area(s)

Identify and Request Additional Resources

Placards for Hazardous Materials:

Building placards are square and divided into four spare panels. The blue panel represents health hazards. The red panel represents flammability hazards. Yellow represents reactivity hazards. The number indicates the degree of severity of the hazard. White represents special hazards. A symbol is placed in this area.

Placards on vehicles used to transport hazardous materials have a symbol, a U.N. identification number, a color background and a number representing a hazard class.

The North American Emergency Response Guidebook is the reference for hazardous materials. It contains pictures of vehicles used for hazardous materials. The yellow section identifies chemicals in numerical order by the four...digit U.N. identification number. The blue section lists the chemicals in alphabetical order. Each chemical has a guide number to find information in the orange section of the book on how to respond to the chemical. If the name of a chemical is highlighted, refer to the green section for distances needed to isolate the chemical.

For hazmat incidents, the command post must be mobile to cope with changes in wind direction.

The National Interagency Incident Management System (N.I.I.M.S.) is mandated to be used for all hazmat incidents. When a State Police Emergency Response Officer (E.R.O) arrives on the scene he becomes the Incident Commander.

The Incident Command System provides a template for the management structure for an incident. An ICS organization chart is appended. The point to remember is that in a large scale incident where ICS is fully implemented, the communications team leader reports to the logistics section chief, who in turn reports to the incident commander.


Area Fire Departments

Am Med Response 421 Avenida de Mesilla La Cruces 524-0422

Anthony Fire Admin 1055 E. O'Hara Rd. Anthony 882-2000

Chamberino 301 Medina Chamberino 882-1025

Chaparral 500 East Lisa Chaparral 824-4766

Dona Ana 601 Dona Ana Rd Dona Ana 526-3217

Elephant Butte FD Elephant Butte 894-6617

Lakeshore VFD 301 S Lost Cyn Rd Elephant Butte 744-4172

Fairacres 5208 Quesenberry Lane Fairacres 525-2979

Garfield FD 8920 Hwy 187 Garfield 267-3048

Hatch Fire Dept. 207 Franklin Hatch 267-1136

Hillsboro FD Hillsboro 895-5368

La Mesa VFD 117 E. San Miguel St. La Mesa 233-3535

La Union 350 Tellez Ave. La Union

Las Alturas VFD 4145 Cholla Rd. Las Alturas 522-6970

Talavera Sub. 5000 Achenbach Cyn Rd Las Alturas 532-5532

Las Cruces FS #1 201 E. Picacho Las Cruces 524-3473

Las Cruces FS #2 1199 E. Foster Las Cruces 522-8484

Las Cruces FS #3 399 N. Valley Dr. Las Cruces 526-1451

Las Cruces FS #4 2803 E. Missouri Las Cruces 521-3653

Las Cruces FS #5 4851 Porter Las Cruces 382-5617

Las Cruces FS #6 2750 Northrise Las Cruces 521-7827

L.C. Airport Sub 9000 Airport Dr Las Cruces

Mesilla 2670 Calle de Santiago Mesilla 523-1311

Mesquite VFD 830 Mesquite Dr. Mesquite 233-4662

NASA Bldg. 104 WSTF 524-5641

NMSU FD Wells & Research Dr Las Cruces 646-2519

Organ Fire Station 5816 Third Organ 382-5411

East Mesa Sub 6900 Moongate Rd Organ 382-5456

Radium Springs 12212 Leasburg St Pk Radium Springs 527-5414

Rincon FD 255 Harlin St Rincon 267-3050

Santa Teresa 101 Parkview Santa Teresa 589-0023

Sunland Park FD 1000 McNutt Sunland Park 589-2302

South Valley 1801 Carver Rd. 525-2737

SW Air Ambulance Box 640 Fairacres Fairacres 525-2660

T or C FD 210 S. Date T or C 894-2345

Canutillo W. Valley 915-877-3800

WSMR WSMR 678-5105

Winston Chloride FD Winston 743-0052






Emergency Phone Numbers


Phone 1

Phone 2





New Mexico EOC

505 476 9600



505 476 9656


FBI Command Post ABQ

505 224 2000


FBI Terrorist Info

866 483 5137



800 462 9029



800 984 8523


Air Force-Pentagon

800 253 9276


Navy- Pentagon

877 663 6772


Gila Fire Dispatcher

800 538 1644


Flight Service Station

800 992 7433


NM Road Conditions

800 432 4269


Hwy 70 Closing Info

678 1178


NM Poison Control Ctr

800 222 1222


American Red Cross

526 2631


Fax 524 4271


Salvation Army

524 1590



224 9007


NM State Police District 4

524 6111


DAC SO Admin.

525 1911


MVRDA Dispatch

526 0795


Fire Chief Adolf Zubia

528 3473


528 4200

DAC OEM Tom Townsend

647 7928

644 2396


649 1065


646 3311



646 5372


James Newberry NM SAR

827 9228


505 469 2140

939 9020


Ruben Gonzalez KD5CGC

523 5690


642 3916


Patsy Gonzalez

524 4050


642 2331

Vic Villalobos

525 0997

496 4215

525 7143

Lewis Maxwell

915 821 7405

Jim O’Leary N7DRB

505 443 0776

Pay Phone Hwy 70 Kmart

522 9904

521 9908


Pay Phone Pilot Trk Stop

524 9988

523 2700


299 4581


Rick Sohl K5RIC

892 0042

Britt Hay NA5S

505 534 8300

Charlie Brown N9RU

505 544 4766

Danny Klement WY5G

505 538 9515


505 534 5068















Las Cruces Public Schools

School Principal Location Phone

Administrative Off. Bill Rounds, 505 S.Main, Suite 249 88005 527-5805

Alameda Elem. Pete Tiemey 1325 N. Alameda 88005 527-9486

Central Elem. Barbara Morrison 150 N. Alameda 88005 527 -9496

Conlee Elem. Mary D. Warner 1701 Boston 88001 527-9656

Desert Hills Elem. Cynthia Risner-Schiller 280 N. Roadrunner Prkwy. 88011 527-9619

Dona Ana Elem. Wanda Fishburn 400 E. Dona Ana Sch. Rd. 88005 527-9506

East Picacho Elem. Jerry Melder 4450 Highway 85 North 88005 527-9516

Fairacres Elem. Theresa Jaramillo-Jones 4501 W. Picacho 88005 527-9606

Hermosa Hts. Elem. Irma Glover 1655 E. Amador 88001 527-9530

Highland Elem. Lucille Getz 5221 N. Main St. 88012 J 527-9636

Hillrise EJem. Clyde Walton 1400 S. Curnutt 88011 527-9666

Jornada Elem. Wendi Hammond 3400 Elks Dr. 88001 527-9536

Loma Heights Elem. Daniel Miller 1600 E. Madrid 88001 527-9546

MacArthur Elem. Carlos Carrillo 655 N. Fourth 88005 527-9556

Mesilla Elem. Barbara Bencomo Calle del Sur, Mesilla 88046 527-9566

Mesilla Park Elem. Nancy Ayers 955 W. Union, Mes. Pk. 88047 527-9615

Sunrise Elem. Elizabeth Marrufo 5300 N. Holman Rd.88012 527-9626

Tombaugh Elem. Christine Milyard 226 Carver Rd. 88005 527-9575

Univ. Hills Elem. Vincent Rivera 2005 S. Locust 88001 527-9649

Valley View Elem. Margaret Ware 915 E. California 88001 527-9586

Washington Elem. Robert Sanchez 755 E. Chestnut 88001 527-9595

White Sands Elem. Patricio Lujan White Sands Missile Range 88002 678-3241

Camino Real Mid Sch Alton Loerger 2961 Roadrunner Prkwy 88011 527-6030

Lynn Middle School Joyce Aranda 950 S. Walnut 88001 527-9445

Picacho Mid School Kathy Vigil 2700 W. Picacho 88005 527-9455

Sierra Mid School Nyeta Fields 1700 East Spruce 88001 527-9640

Vista Middle School Olivia Ogas 4465 Elks Rd. 88005 527-9465

White Sands Mid Sch Patricio Lujan White Sands Missile Range 88002 678-1064

Zia Middle School Karen Arnold 1300 W. Univ. Ave. 88005 527-9475

Las Cruces High Mark Hartshorne 1755 EI Paseo Rd. 88001 527-9400

Mayfield High Robert Ogas 1955 N. Valley Dr. 88005 527-9415

Onate High Richard Melendez 6800 NE Main Street 88012 527-9430

San Andres High Eric Cress Hwy. 28, Old Mesilla 88046 527 -6058

EXCEL Career Prog. John Krause, Coord. 410 W. Court AnIlex 88005 527-6050

Mesilla Valley Training Ctr Manuel Gamboa 400 W. Bell, Mes. Pk. 88047 527


Multi-Cultural Elsy Suttmiller 410 W. Court Annex 88005 527 -6070

Teachers' Center Karin Matray 821 E. Lohman 88001 527-6054

ESC Earl Phillips 410 W. Court Annex 88005 527-6065

Physical Plant Dept. Ralph Wilson 1400 Hernandez 88001 527-6002

OT/PT/Adapted PE 410 W. Court Annex 88005 527 -6072













LEPC Application Form

RACES Application Form


Critical Incident Management Student Manual...NMDPS Training Center

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course...ARRL

A Citizen’s Guide to Disaster Assistance...FEMA HS...7

New Mexico All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan, Annex 2, Communications and Warning

North American Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)