Mesilla Valley Radio Club History

There are two main sources of the history of the Mesilla Valley Radio Club, club history books and back issues of the Local Oscillator.

An excellent collection of bound material has been gathered by AD5LJ. It is available in the club house in the form of six fine blue bound volumes. The first volume covers from 1950 to 1960, but actually has information from some other years too. Some pages are formal history pages, others contain lists of members, the constitution, and some minutes. The next five contain mostly back issues of the Local Oscillator. Unfortunately all issues in this time span are not available. However these volumes, which cover the years from 1980 to 2005, are almost complete. In fact almost all the Local Oscillators from those years are contained in those volumes. All the Local Oscillators after those dates are on the Local Oscillator web site at URL Thus a more complete history and record of our club than most clubs is readily available. This information was collected, organized, and excellently presented by AD5LJ, Bob Bennett. The club owes him lots of thanks.

The other, more recent, source is the monthly back issues of the Local Oscillator, which are available here in the Local Oscillator section.

Operating Events

The club has had a number of notable operating events. The Field Day operations are listed in a separate section.

 The club has produced a number of operating events. Many of these have been in connection with the Bataan Death March marathon.There have been other special events such as the operation of N5S, a special event station to commemorate the last space shuttle journey. Over 950 contacts were made. Details of the operation can be found at the following link.