2011 Field Day


Field Day was held as usual on the last full week-end in June, June 25 and 26. The club operated as 3E (three operating positions, all on emergency power). As usual, the club did not make a contest out of it by making an effort to squeeze all the points possible out of the rules. But the club did get some publicity in the newspaper and promoted a public official visit.

The operation was a club effort. The erection of a permanent six meter beam was a large effort as detailed in another article in this issue. In keeping with the purpose of Field Day, all operation was done on emergency power. In addition KF5EJS, Wilson Moore, provided a very complete emergency command trailer, complete with its own generator which was used as the psk31 station.

The week-end was started by W5GWU, Rick, and K5KHJ, Margaret, operating on 20 meters. Almost a dozen operators participated until Rick and Margaret finished up on 20 meters at the close. WB4AEJ, Fred, worked a long night shift, (often on 40 meters) finishing in the early morning when N5CWW, Charles, found  15 meters open about 4 AM.

The operation was not without its own excitement. About 2 PM the generator started missing badly, finally dying completely. At about a gallon per hour it should have had enough gas, but it had a hard time getting the last bit out of the tank. Thus more gas resulted in smooth running for the rest of the time. But the power outage killed the logging computer and people worried about reconstructing the log from scattered notes. Fortunately the logging program had an automatic save feature so all was well.

In all, over 670 contacts were made with 603 on HF SSB, 58 on HF data, and 10 on the new six meter beam.

One participant was heard to say that this was the best Filed Day he had participated in. Undoubtedly that was because the informal friendliness of the operation.  This atmosphere was engendered in a good part by the excellent dinner prepared and served to the operators and their guests by K5KMC, Kevin.